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Dec 4, 2008
I NEED HELP ! If anybody has ANY drills whatso ever for ,
- switch split .
- handstand piroette
- picking floor music
- good conditioning.
- good backhandpsrings on beam .

if anybody has any drills or ideas on how to help me with those skills
please reply !.

thank you .
Hi Crayola!
For conditioning, I have my girls do: handstand pushups, chin ups on high bar, leg lifts on high bar, leg kicks w/light ankle weights, squat jumps, kick kick lunges (sometimes w/light ankle weights...depends on their ages), jelly bellies for abs, arch ups hanging off spotting blocks or vault table, over splits for some flexibility, partner leg pushes for abs......lots more if you need it!

For BHS on beam, I have them do: BHS on a foam beam or line on floor, on low beam w/mats on both sides, low beam w/o mats before going to hight beam. They practice correct hand & foot placement & keeping hips square even on the floor beam.

I hope this is helpful for you:)
Thanks ! I figured out how to do it on beam . But it doesnt really help . Because I just put a mat over the beam . But oh well. Now I have your idea to try !
Thank-You so much !

Chelsea. :)
Not open for further replies.