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So today my mom told me she got a call from the gym. She had said that someone complained about the way I had smelt and that I needed to use more doedorant. I know for sure it was not a kid in the class that complained so I figured it was my coach. Now I am starting to have mixed feelings about the gym. I was nearly crying when I found out about it because I love my coach and she is so sweet. Now I feel uncomfortable having to go back to that gym and be with that coach. I have been thinking about switching gyms for a couple of reasons actually. I need advice because I am very upset :( as always this question is open to anyone


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Feb 26, 2007
Oh honey I know that is very hard to hear. But somtimes as we are growing up and our hormones and our bodies are changing we do get more stinky than when we were little kids.

I know that at every summer camp my girls have been to there have always been signs saying
All gymnasts must shower every day, use deoderant before very practice and wear a clean leo and shorts to each practice. If you are following all of those rules than there is not a lot more you can do, if you aren't give the rules a try as they are effective.

I know that when I coached that lots of people smelled and you know I told them too, it's not easy being a gymnast or a coach and they have to get really, really close to each others bodies anbd that is not always sweet.

Once I had a coach that had such bad breath I would always pray she wouldn't breathe on me or I might gag. I didn't tell her, but as an adult I bet she had wished she'd known.

I am sure whoever called the office did it because they care and want to help. Don't take it personally. I really wouldn't hink of changing gyms because of this.

What does your Mom say?


My mom said we can take care of it easily but I am very sensitive to want people say and I would feel very uncomfortable returning with that coach and going to that gym.


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Feb 26, 2007
Your Mom is so right, the good news if it is your coach is that she cared enough to help you out the nice way and it wasn't a team mate calling names or anything Try the suggstions and don't let it stop you loving gym.

Nobody really knows about it, don't let this stop you loving your gym. It will be fine.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Please try not to let this get you down. It happens to almost everyone at one time or another.

Like your Mom and Bog said- easily fixed. It may not have been a coach, it could have been another kid or possibly a kid told their parent, who told the gym.

Really it is ok, once it is taken care of you won't need to worry. Much better to know and fix it than to have people talking behind your back.


Thank you so much! I am one of those people that will remember everything and can never let it go. I remember things like maybe when a teacher told me once to stop talking they may not think much of it but I do and I tend to remember it. I feel a bit better now but I am not looking foward to going to gym next week :(


Don't be mad at your coach. People who care about you will be the ones to speak up and tell you things that you don't always want to hear.
Jan 22, 2008
Sweetie you have received some very sound advice. It seems to me that these people really do care about you and spoke up because they don't want you to get hurt. Don't be embarassed sweetie it will be alright. Be thankful someone told you instead of having people talking behind your back.
Oct 5, 2008
Please don't change your gyms cause of this - your coach obviously cares about you a lot. If she didn't, she wouldn't have wanted to help you.
I'm exactly like you - i get very embarassed, very easily. If something embarassing happens it's the worst feeling ever for me and it sticks for ages.
But don't be embarassed - no-one was laughing or criticising you, only trying to help :)
And it's such an easy problem to solve! Don't worry before you know it the whole thing will be forgotten about.

Deleted member D3987

fuggetaboutit. everyone burps, farts, sweats and smells. and bog is right. we go thru hormone changes our entire life. sometimes you smell good and sometimes not.

carry on with your work outs.
Sep 20, 2009
do not listen to them just have fun or change deoderant mybe your coach will still like you and sooner or later they will not care
You are just embarrassed and you don't want to face your coach because of the potential awkwardness. Like everyone else is saying, don't let that bother you too much. Just take that advice (whether you have an odor or not) and move on. No need to let it linger. I would bet you anything that once your "issue" is remedied, whoever brought this up will forget the incident altogether faster than you would think. OTOH, if that was really a prank, eventually the person will surface or he/she will be out of your face altogether. It still hurt nothing by doing what you are requested to do.

Life is full of embarrassments, disappointments and hurtful episodes. I wish some of the ones I have faced were that easy. I am absolutely sure that you will in time agree.


Ok first as you start to mature the hormones kick in and well more stink is a side effect. Next unless you have asked you don't know who has complained so don't start the blame game being "sure it has to be the coach". You don't really know for sure who said what. And honestly saying something to mom is alot less embarrasing than some team mate coming out with "you smell" in the middle of practice. Would you have ratherd continued to smell?

Now my son had that call from the gym to me at about 14 or 15 and yes teen boy stink is bad!! Like a dead dog yuck. we found if we do the showers and extra deodarent and maybe its time to stars a little perfume/cologne it helps but the best thing we did was all of that and fabreeze the clothes before he puts them on. I was amazed with how much that helped. We got the pet oder eliminator sent.

Don't let what others say or think control who you are or what you do. Be glad you have someone who is a friend enough to let you know there is a problem. That's what people who care about you do. If it is your coach then he/she reallyl does care and only wants the best for you.


Oct 4, 2009
well chances are the person that complains cares about you to the point where they will give you constructive criticism in order to save your further humiliation - me i would love to have someone care about me that much! :)
Jan 17, 2008
Oh Honey.. I can only imagine how hard that was to hear. But like the other posters said, it is better that they spoke up and not just talk about it behind your back. And it is an easy fix!

A word of advice, My DD who is 14 keeps extra Deodrant in her locker. So after a heavy or hard rotation, she can put some more on.


Problems left unresolved tend to follow you. If you went to another gym without addressing the reason the comment was made, it will happen again. Two choices, address the issue if you bellieve that the comment is valid or ignore it if you think the comment was uncalled for. Your choice and an easy on to solve. If you were experiencing the natural side effects of growing up then accept it and make a few minor changes in life. There are far more difficult problems to solve in the gym that deserve and require your energy. Let this one go. Everyone goes through it. Oh by the way if I have bad breathe I'd rather be told. My gymnasts have no issues to let me know. Can't afford not to as we are just too physically close to eachother.
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