Help Save URI's Women's Gymnastics Program

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Help save the University of Rhode Island's Women's Gymnastics this letter!

Hello everyone! My name is Bridget Hild and I am writing this e-mail out of concern for my teammates and future URI gymnasts. As some of you may already know the URI Women’s Gymnastics Program was recently informed that this would be our last competitive season. On Thursday, January 31st the coaching staff and the URI Team was informed of this demise. After receiving a phone call at 10:00 am we reported to the Mackal Conference Room for what we thought was a routine meeting. We were discussing our upcoming meet at Brown, however when our coaches and athletic administration walked through the door the mood of our team completely shifted.
Athletic Director Thorr Bjorn sat at the front of the room accompanied by Lauren Anderson, Senior Associates Director, Barbara Leubke, Faculty Athletic Representative, and Tom Dougan, Vice President of Student Affairs. Thorr Bjorn began the meeting by stating that, "there is no easy way to say this, so I will just say it. The university has decided to discontinue women’s gymnastics and replace it with Women’s Lacrosse." Leaving us stunned and upset he tried to explain that it was because we were not a part of the Atlantic Ten Division. Seeing as football is a part of CCA we thought that this was not a justified reason. He then told us that it was a Title IX issue and that the Lacrosse team would add eight more roster spots for compliance. The final explanation was that the sport of gymnastics is dwindling. After about 10 minutes the meeting came to an abrupt ending and the administrators left the conference room. They left a team of twenty girls and two coaches devastated, angry, and confused with many unanswered questions.
If any of you would like to see the official press release please visit I have also attached an article written by one of our seniors and a speech that Junior Lauren Wasilewski gave at the beginning of practice on Friday. Our schedule is also attached and our hope is that many of you can come to not only a home meet but an away meet as well.
To prevent the demise of gymnastics programs across the nation please show your support by forwarding this e-mail to everyone you know in the gymnastics and business communities. There will be a petition at the entrance of every meet this year and hope that many of you can come to sign it. Even after this terrible news the team is remaining positive about season and we will not go down without a fight! As a non-competitive senior, I will be dedicating my time this season to this cause. If anyone has any suggestions please contact me at [email protected].
E-mails to our administrators would be greatly appreciated.
President: Robert L. Carothers – [email protected]
Athletic Director: Thorr Bjorn – [email protected]
Sr. Assoc. Director: Lauren Anderson: [email protected]
Vice President of Student Affairs: Tom Dougan: [email protected]

URI Senior Gymnast,
Bridget Hild


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where can i get a petition to save uri gymnastics
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