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Dec 22, 2011
Our school recently closed and I am looking for a place to sell our Spieth Andersongym equipment. It's all in excellent condition and retails around 8-10k new. There are uneven bars, single bars, mats, balance beam and more. Can someone give me a good idea where the best place to list this would be? Or the best place on the forum to post pictures?

We do not currently allow people to sell anything on the forum, the owner is working on a concept as we speak.

I know USAG has a link for the type of thing you are looking for. HOpefully someone in the know will chime in with it.
I don't know where you are but if you contact the local High Schools that offer Gymnastics they might be interested if the price if affordable enough. Also contact some of the gyms around the area - some of the smaller ones might be interested in the equiptment if its in better condition than what they have. the magazine from USAG always has ads for things like this in the back. And then there is always Craigs list and e-bay I'm always amazed at what sells there.
WOW ! my husband and I are opening a new gym I would love to see pictures and talk you about buying them
please send me an email
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