WAG HELP! Split Leaps

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May 14, 2010
New Paltz, United States
Most of the girls on my new Xcel team have no dance experience and their split leaps leave much to be desired. They are pushing off their back leg and hopping forward and look like teeter totters. As bad as they are on floor, they are REALLY bad and scary on beam. I can use some help.
The one thing that helped my DD was to think of the split leap like a split jump starting on one foot. I think she realized she should be pulling her legs up harder in the leap, just like the jump.
Things that I think really help with leaps! Weights! Ankle weights are my best friend. When wearing them my leaps look but ugly but then taking them off they are very improved.
Having a box just above hip height then jumping to splits on it. Make sure push off toes.
Also assisted leaps on side of beam.
Not open for further replies.