Help with a severe mental block??

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A couple weeks ago I was working roundoff backhandspring back tucks. Then I suprisingly lost my roundoff backhandspring. Then when I was doing standing backhandsprings in the backyard, I became hesistant and eventually lost my backhandspring. Sometimes I am even hesistant when doing back walkover. I get frustrated and hold back tears. My mom and my coach call me a drama queen and that I will get kicked off the team if I don't straighten up. Please help!!!


Jan 18, 2009
Try not to get too worked up about it, it's not going to help you get the skill back any faster. Try to be patient with yourself, it's okay to be frustrated and feel scared about skills from time to time and nearly everyone goes through it at some time.
As for how to work through it, go back to the basics. Practice jumping backwards and landing on your back onto stacked mats, into the pit, etc. Also work lots of backhandsprings over training mats if your gym has any (the round/octagonal ones). Just get comfortable with going backwards again and all of the gradual progressions. Don't move on to the next one until you are feeling confident and the fear is gone. After practicing jumping backwards and using mats, try some backhandsprings into a resi pit or onto soft mats by yourself, down a cheese mat, wherever you feel comfortable. ask a coach for a spot for a few if that would make you feel better.
When you get the backhandspring back, you can then try to add the round off and eventually the tuck. But work back slowly and surely and make sure you feel confident along every step of the way.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
This EXACT thing happended to me! like...EXACTLY! this is so weird! I was working on tucks, and when i did my bhs, i freaked out in mid air and landed on my neck, and didn't do that, a standing bhs, or bwo (well, i only lost my bwo for about a month) for almost a year! But what really helped me was to do them with a HUGE spot off the end of the tumble trak. Like, my coach calles it the superman spot, lol. she literally had to pick me up and do the skill for me the first few times so i would be comfortable with going backwards again. Then after doing that for a week or maybe less, i got my mom to help me with them at home on the trampoline, then on the grass, and then it seemed to have just clicked, and i would do a standing bhs!
Just make sure that you don't get to frusturated w/ your self. I know exactly how you feel, i cryed myself to sleep for months. Just don't give up. what i always say to myself is to just do it once, your body still knows what to do, you just have to do it. This happened to me about a year and a half ago, and now i am doing layouts and fulls! If you have any other ?s, please private message me :)
good luck, and don't give up! If it was the tuck that scared you, try not to think about those for awhile, that will just make it harder.
Aug 30, 2008
i know exactly what your going through! im going through the same thing with my bhs on beam. im having trouble getting it up on the high beam. just keep working on it and dont get frustrated! once you do one, youll be fine! just slowly work your way up, and build your confidence. you arent a drama queen, just a gymnast:D keep working on it, and itll come soon enough! dont worry if you arent perfect, everyone has trouble with one skill. try working them like said before on barrels or the pac man shaped mats and then on trampoline resi or cheese mat and ask for a spot if you need one. good luck!:cool:
Jul 12, 2007
I can't give a great answer, but just wanted to send my best wishes to you for a fast recovery on your skills. :) This exact thing happened to my dd's teammate - in the exact order as well. Maybe you can try going back to the basics with your coach & do a lot of your tumbling on tumble track or trampoline. DD's teammate got everything back within a couple of months, competed them all and then lost them completely all over again. She is still working on it and things are clicking slowly, but she is making progress. It is right about the 1 year mark from when she originally lost the skills. Please just take your time on getting them back to where you are completely comfortable again. I have no doubt you will though - Best of luck!


I'm with Ingymmom! Just wanted to encourage you that they will come back! My own DD is still in the middle of this one.
Take small confident steps and remember everyone feels scared at some point in gymnastics. Try lots of visualization, and lots of turns at the gym of course. Thinking of you and best of luck!
Jun 9, 2009
Yup yup. Same thing happened two or three times to me. Both times i just took it slow to try not to push it too hard. It felt like my body didn't know how to go backwards. And it was weird because I'd been doing them for so long. Just relax and don't let your mind tell you anything, just chuck it! That's what my coach always tells, me, is to not think about it. Sometimes it works. Good luck!
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