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hi all, i have this amazing group of girls who i'm teaching to back sault at the moment but some of them are to scared to flip over. they can back flip and frount sault but they have trouble with these, any ideas for me to help them would be great thanks.


Oct 22, 2007
You could try having them stand between two ropes and hold on to them above their head and then do a backsault like that. I did this with a couple of girls who had done a little bit of work on saults but were a bit scared because they hadn't done them for ages. They thought it was great fun and after several turns of this they were more happy to try them from a few bounces on a mini tramp with me spotting them.


Back pullover/peanut roll on trampoline.

Set up a block into pit. Block needs to be one of those big Pbar or spotting blocks. They lay down on the block, shoulders at the end. They stretch out arms like the set and you support them under your shoulder girdle. Then you pull their legs over the head and they land on their back in the pit or stand if it's ground. Eventually, they can sit up in a pike and do it themselves.
Not open for further replies.