Parents Help with "bad leg" split leap

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Nov 19, 2016
Hi! My daughter is pretty new to team gymnastics. As part of their warm up they always do good and bad leg split jumps across the floor. Apparently, she has just been doing it with her good leg each time and ignoring the instruction when they switch to bad leg. Now they are doing left and right leg split leaps and she has been "caught!" So she's trying to work on her bad leg. She doesn't seem to have a hard time doing one but has a really difficult time doing a series without stopping, which is a problem when you are doing them simultaneously with 4 other girls! Part of it is I think she has gotten so used to how it feels doing it with her good leg that it is hard to do the opposite. Any suggestions? She's really stressed about it and is worried they will call her out to do it by herself. Thanks! I
Well, after all that, it seems like it clicked! I am sure she will have many skills she struggles with far more. Hopefully, this will have been a good lesson on following instructions as I think she may have created the difficulty for herself.
Glad it clicked. I was going to say, what improved my dd's bad leg lea was just repetition.
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