Help with beam and floor

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So i have been competing layout stepouts on beam for almost a year now, and no matter what i do, i can't seem to fix two things.
1). I can't keep my back leg straight.
2.) I can't seem to stick them! It's really aggrivating. i make like 1/5 which is not a good ratio at all. Grr...

I have also been competing front fulls for over a year, and i've never been very good at landing them. They are very inconsistent. Sometimes i will land on my butt, and other times when it feels just the same, i will land it just fine. I really need to get it consistent and i kinda need to get a rebound out of it so i can do a front tuck out of it for USAG next year. I used to do a Rudi, but then i lost them and now i do front fulls. I have my state meet in 3 weeks, so any advice would be helpful!
Ok, so I'm not a coach, and have no experience with this level of skill, so you can completely ignore this if you want. But for your layout stepouts, I would maybe try to get more power out of your bhs, which would allow you to have more time in the air to straighten out your leg, and could let you have more time to spot the beam as you come down, so hopefully you could stick it. This might help, or it could be completely awful advice, so feel free to ignore it:p:eek: Good luck.
Not open for further replies.