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I'm used to coaching mostly girls. I do coach boys, but they're usually younger in age or do only tumbling. I have a 10 yr boy that has issues with his hands so his parents wanted me to suggest something. Funny enough...they wanted to buy him gloves...I suggested grips b/c gloves are definitely a no. My issue: do I tell them to get him regular beginner grips with the 2 finger holes? Not really sure what to do. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
For my boys level 4 and 5, I typically have them get beginner grips as their first pair of grips. They can use them for both rings and high bar if needed.

However, I really think it all depends on how the gymnast is swinging. If he is swinging big and powerfull, go with seperate high bar and ring grips. If he is learning to swing, basic grips work just fine!

That's my opinion. And it saves a little bit of money in the short run.

Dietch makes some good beginner grips. That is who I typically go with for beginner grips.
Reisport make some nice grips though I hear some MAG prefer U.S. Glove I think.

Beginner grips don't work too great, imo as they tend to move around.

Make some tape grips.

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