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Dec 4, 2008
So my back has healed and I am aloud to go back to gym in 4 months said my doctor. He said I am aloud to do conditiong though . So I wanna get into excellent shape again. So does anybody have any ideas on REALLY goood intence conditioning ? If so please reply ! !

Thanks !


Ankle weights are a simple way to intensify most exercises. You can wear them while you do v-ups, arch ups/rocks/holds, hollow ups/rocks/holds, leg raises at the stahl bars, hug-a-twinkies...everything! Can you get a hold of body weights? Like a weighted weight lifting belt. Those are more convenient than carrying a barbel plate across your shoulders for plyometric exercises. Another way to intensify an exercise is to slow it down. I mean slooow it down. Especially on the negative (usually the "down") part of a movement.
Whatever you do, be consistent. Just keep on conditioning and you'll be in top shape again before you know it!
Good luck! I know conditioning yourself can be hard both discipline and boredom wise.

BlairBob under WOD. WOD.

CrossFit. some of it at least.
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