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Apr 30, 2009
okay. so about a year ago i broke my ankle doing a full on floor... and after that i didnt work them again because we didnt have a coach who could spot me. well we recently got a coach who could, (and could coach optionals) and he's been really great. he's helped me get my confidence back, but i just cant land them now. on the floor, when he spots me and i get all the way around, i land on my toes with my knees bent and have come close to breaking them. so i work them on the tumbletrack and theyre great on there into a marshmallow mat, but i always overrotate. i land on my butt or my back every single time. its gotten to where recently i land on my feet but bounce back and fall. what should i do? this is really frustrating because i have had this before, but now im having trouble, and i really want to compete it. thanks for any advice :)


maybe try flexing your feet in the full and see your feet hit the floor.
your probably leaning to far back when you do it.
when i do mine on the tumble track to a mat (i can only do half twists) sometimes i lean back to far when I'm beginning and when i try to land on my feet i fall to my back or my bum just like you.
either that or your not getting enough height. Goodluck and i hope you learn it soon


great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sisters name is savannah too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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