WAG Help with input...anyone ever go to these meets? Feedback appreciated

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Mar 12, 2010
Hi all. I've come to my favorite people to ask about these meets. They look fun, and we are looking for a second travel meet the weekend of March 7-9.

Luaus in Leos at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio.

Branson Classic in Branson, MO

both seem like really cool places to go. Anybody been? How'd you like it???

Or does anyone have another suggestion for that weekend?

Thanks in advance!
We did Luau in Leos at Kalahari last year and it was a lot of fun. My kids love that water park so that was definitely an added bonus!
You are traveling from AZ I assume? What levels would be competing at the meets? Idk if Luau in Leos is considered a top caliber kind of meet and would be worthwhile for Level 9's and 10's. Look it up on my meet scores. What gyms were there, what was the level of competition? I would check 1st on that one. That's a long way to travel for a meet if its not going to offer good competition for your team.
Yes, we are coming from AZ. Just our optional levels would go 6-10. It looked to be a bigger meet that's why I asked.
I just checked the USAG Invitationals list for that weekend (http://usagym.org/pages/finda/invitational.html?prog=ms) and it looks like Byers Invite and the Emerald Team Challenge (boys & girls meet) are the big ones for that weekend. I know that aren't quite as far for you guys, and I'm not sure where your other travel meets are, but looking at the participating teams and results from previous years they seem to attract a good level of competition. I can't vouch for the specific meets, but the Eugene/Portland/Corvallis area in Oregon is one of my favorite places ever with lots to see and do, and I think the meet is scheduled the same weekend as an Oregon State gymnastics meet. And it would be a change from the more common travel meets to California/Florida. Maybe some Region 2 members can provide some more info?
We go to Emerald Team Challenge every year. It's a very well run meet and the largest one in Oregon. The host gym is owned by a former Olympian and Brevet judge (she was judging the Junior Elite competition last weekend). It attracts a lot of the top competition from Region 2 and usually some California and Arizona gyms as well.

The Eugene area is beautiful and if there is an Oregon State meet that weekend, it's less than an hour drive. You are also about 2 hours from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! No water or amusement parks, but most of the hotels will have indoor pools because it's Oregon! Weather can be hit or miss in March. It could be sunny and warm (60s-70s) or snowing :)
I know that by that date you are getting into some of the optional states meets in some states (including ours) so that may be part of the reason why there aren't too many big meets to choose from that weekend.
MaryA, yes I'm realizing that. That weekend is still two weeks out from our state meet. The Emerald Team challenge looks like a great meet. Maybe we will go to that one. When is Chicago Style? Although, I don't rightly think I can convince a bunch of desert dwellers to go to Chicago in winter, lol. We went to Denver last year and we all turned into popsicles!
Chicago Style is in February. I didn't want to go to Chicago in the middle of winter either, but we had a blast last year. Going to Orlando this year, but that meet is in January.
I vote for Oregon. Sandusky, OH in early March is not exactly a garden spot - lol. Unless that water park in indoors and heated, its going to be closer to a skating rink than a swimming pool, and I can't think of much else to do in Sandusky in March, except shiver on the shore of Lake Erie. Good luck!
Yes, Sandusky in March is kind of like Chicago in February - very cold, windy and snowy. The water park is huge and indoors, but if you had a warmer choice I would pick that one.
I think our club is looking at Chicago Style this year. We do one meet outside canada every year. Glad to hear it was a good one.
Chicago is a fabulous City though. And if you are from Canada as I am, it really isn't any different than at home.
If you don't want to go all the way to Chicago and don't mind the cold, the Crystal Cup in Utah is a good sized meet with good competition from several states and sometimes even other countries. It is that same weekend.
I've done luau in Leo's at Kalahari probably about 3 times, now and I just love it!!!!! The judging seems fair, and the equipment is always nice. But the meet is just really fun, and after the meet you can stay and go to the waterpark!
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