Coaches Help with leg cut backwards on bars

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Jul 29, 2007
My dd has all of the skills for her level 3 routine, except her leg cut backwards. She cannot do it without either touching her foot to the bar on the way back over or falling off of the bar after she has her leg over. Out of 9 girls on the level 3 team, only one girl has figured the skill out. All of the rest of them fall every time. We took all of the advice posted about the mill circle, and she got it the other day!!!!!! Please help with any advice or tips.
She needs to push down on the bar with the post arm. As soon as that arm goes and the belly starts resting on the bar, they're going to have to either push up at the end or fall. I have them get in front support, push down through the arms, and then pull their legs piked in front so they really have to lock out and push down to keep the arms straight. I see if they can hold that awhile without collapsing (10-15 second for a level 3). That's really for all general bar work, but when they cut over they need that strength too. Usually the ones who struggle with this exercise struggle with "resting" on the bar out of skills or ending with arms bent, chest on bar, falling. Sometimes it's not even raw strength but not quite connecting how to also use all through their shoulders to maintain the position more easily.

This skill also takes some general coordination to let go and regrasp the bar at the correct times. If there's a pommel horse they can work on, front support leg kicks to either side (one leg goes up) with support on the opposite arm and regrasp is a good exercise. They can also try the whole thing on there from the mill circle end position with hands on either pommel, they'll have to push up to swing their leg over the pommel. Those are really bad explanations, sorry.
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