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We're having the exact same problem with our new team leos---same manufacturer as OP. 2 moms measured the girls and then compared with the sizing chart. The manufacturer said wait on the order, they were sending a trial leo. The trial leo was a tank style and the leo the girls are going to attempt to wear has 3/4 sleeves. For many of these girls that are heavily muscled in the arms/chest this makes a huge difference in what size will fit best. The manufacturer said once the girls tried on the trial leo then order 1 size smaller. They also lined the top part of the leo which 1 mom said if she had known about, she would have held the order and checked with the manufacturer about does this change the size?

I would say 2/3 of the girls are very uncomfortable in them. The leos look great on them though! They've had the girls wearing them to practice(they just have them on for maybe 1 event) to try and stretch them out. My gymmie is just super uncomfortable. Her problem is she feels the shoulder seams digging in and said "it feels like I have to fight the leo to get my arms up." A few leos were deemed just too small and there will be leo trading going on. The manufacturer said since this was a custom leo, it will take 1-2 mos to get new ones made. True or not---I don't know.

I may be trying a heavy can of whatever. These leos are also the high cut, but that area doesn't seem to bother my gymmie.

TO OP---word of warning. Tell dd if she even feels like she needs a potty stop between events---GO!!! My gymmie has to have someone pull the sleeves down and wiggle so she can get out of it.
we are going through this too! Thankfully it's a special leo being used for only one meet and then the recital at the end of the year. And for dd, it actually worked out fine because her typical size is usually a bit big on her so this fits nice and sleek (she's in between a CM and CL). But many gym parents are complaining about it - way too tight. I'll have to let them know aobut the can in the crotch ttrick !! (that sounds really funny LOL)

In defense, both her regular comp leo and this new special one are GK. Both the same size and they fit totally differently. So it may not have anything to do with the original fitting.
Is the can of soup working? Thankfully our gym uses velvet GK competition leos on the level4s and up so that they stretch and are more comfortable. We have had dds CL for 4 yrs now and with only 6-8 meets a yr they havent worn out either. Its funny in regular GK leos she wears a AXS but in the velvet GKs comp leos she can wear a CL. This yr the club has decided to buy them from the parents and redistribute them as needed next yr and to have the optional girls get different ones
We had the same problem this year with my 6-year-old's leotard. When I was standing in line to pick it up at the counter, someone (a rec. parent) walked by and pointed at it and said, "Isn't that cute? It's a leotard for a DOLL!":eek: This thing was TINY, and she got it the day before her meet. I got it wet and stretched it every which way I could (top to bottom and side to side). I stretched it so hard I thought it would rip. It stretched a little, but at least it was enough that it didn't leave red marks on her at the meet and her little butt cheeks were not hanging out.

Good luck!:)
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