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HELP with team

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by Splat, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Are level 1 team consist of only 5 girls two are repeaters and the others are new. One of the new gymnast mentioned today after taking a week off that she wants to quit, because gymnastics is too hard and she wants to do the harder skills. She is a bigger built girl and she definitely has to work hard to do most skills, however, we have been working lots of strengthening exercises and we have seen lots of progress in her and the other girls. Additionally one of the repeaters has mentioned that she wants to quit, because her friend is no longer in the same level. Anyone know of ways to help keep these girls on the team? I have been recommended to do more team building activities and would like to know of some ideas.
  2. Repeating Level 1? you don't hear of that much.
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  3. Our gym doesn't even do level 1 or 2, we have a level 3 team but they don't compete (only two in-house showcase type meets). Our team girls start competing at level 4.
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  4. What were the repeaters (particularly the one that wants to be in a team with friends) missing that stopped them from going to to level 2?
    Also, to keep them on, you could try some kind of team bonding activity, to make gym and training fun instead of them worrying about doing harder skills or wanting to be on a different team.
  5. Gyms do all kinds of different things. My daughter competed 1,2,3,4,5 and finally gets to skip to 7.
  6. Our gym does all those levels as well, but I don't think in 9 years anyone has repeated level 1.
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  7. Argh! Firstly, cut the crap talk about repeating. Kids go up to the next level when they are ready not in some stupid arbitrary timeframe. This is a culture change and I suggest you, and most Americans I read about on this site, make it promptly. First problem solved.
    Secondly, you can’t make her decision for her. If she’s disheartened because she’s bigger and not getting skills then she’s not suited to competitive gymnastics either physically or more importantly, mentally. (Mental resilience is a must in competitive). At level 1, let her drop back to recreational gym. If she is in a recreational class, then please stop pushing as these classes are meant to be fun.
    If she is going to leave, perhaps suggest an alternative sport based on her strengths - perhaps cheer, trampolining, diving or even a non “dance” based sport.
    Whoever told you to keep the girls there is clearly only interested in the $$.
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  8. Chill! We are just giving our experiences, nothing to get upset about. But a gym that wants girls to repeat level 1 just raises some questions. Lots of girls get discouraged, that doesn't mean they should throw in the towel, it just means they might have to work harder or find an alternative way like Xcel or JOGA, etc. No one is talking crap about repeating, just giving experiences.
  9. The fact that you still mention the word “repeating” means that you TOTALLY don’t get it. They are not “repeating”. They are staying until their ready. Sounds like s bloody school
  10. The thing though is level 1 is so simple. It really is beginner skills. (Rolls, levers etc) That is why most gyms don’t compete it. If a girl is swinging more than a year st level 1, it makes a person question what the gym is teaching.
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  11. Should say spending not swinging
  12. Ok, well I guess "doing it a second time" just takes too long to say. Please don't lecture me about semantics. Girls repeat--yes REPEAT (do it again) levels all the time. It's just very unusual at level 1. If you are in any way familiar with Level 1, you might understand. Can we move along please?
  13. Thank you all for the feedback. It is my first year coaching team and it has been a learning experience. I plan on trying to make each practice more enjoyable for the girls and we are working on getting to know more about each other to become better friends. Thank you again for all the feedback.
  14. Why are there girls repeating level 1? To keep practices interesting, I suggest incorporate some uptraining. Also be creative with conditioning, do contests and games sometimes.
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  15. The girls repeating either didn't have the skills or were super sloppy doing the skills. They wouldn't have done well in level 2 or gotten all of the skills needed in time. I was not in charge of who repeated the previous coach was.
  16. How old are the girls? When mine was in pre-team (basically L1/2 -- team didn't start until L3 at that gym), the girls were mostly age 5-7. They loved games and contests incorporated into the training, especially to make the conditioning more fun. Also, at all ages, circuits are great so the girls don't have to stand around. Finally, little rewards (for a new skill, hard work, or a good practice) are great for the little ones too (heck, my 9 year old just got a magnetic book mark from her beam coach for hitting her BWO-BHS three times on high beam and she was excited to show me!). Hope this helps....
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