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May 19, 2010
I live in a small town that has 1 gymnastics program and its failing. So I would love to start up my own tumbling classes by cant afford a facilty. So I'm considering asking a cheer gym to allow me to rent their space to teach tumbling classes. I would like to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I ask. So my question is for the business aspect, where do I begin?

Please help me help keep gymnastics in our town.


Does your town have a parks and rec department that offers sports instruction? Or is there a Y? Those are a couple of options where you don't have to rent the space. You can approach the people in charge with information about the sport, have some data to indicate there's an interest in keeping the sport in town, and that you would like to run a program, if they would be willing to purchase the equipment. If they aren't willing, they might also have some ideas. Informational interviews are usually pretty easy to come by. Good luck.
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