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Dec 7, 2011
Hello! First of all, I'm from Norway - so I'm not sure that I got the skill names correct, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Some of my girls are working toe on shoot to handstand in bars. They do it pretty well while we are doing it direct after a sole circle, but we are now working against doing it from a cast to handstand.

I've started with doing some "late toe on drills" that I picked up from youtube and internet, all from american coaches. First they did some easy drills on the floor, and they did a bar drill where you jump from a springboard (in front of the low bar) and place your feet on the bar, and then do a sole dismount or a sole circle. This seemed to work well, and it looked like they placed there toes quite late. They also had a open shoulder angle and did no regrasp after jumping of the board... Next drill we used was from a low cast (to horisontal) - and this also seemed to work well. They did this into a sole circle.

I thought we were ready to try late toe on from handstand - but maybe I was wrong!? Their toes just slipped off the bar EACH time they tried! They get their toes on in the correct moment (I believe) but they just slip away at once... Why is this happening? They never have this problem while doing it from a lower cast. I've checked that they arent flexing their feets, and I've asked them why they can't keep their feet on. The answer was just that it felt like they automatically bounced of the bar.

I really hope some of you have some help for me :)
Without having a video to correct from, I have to guess on a solution. Most athletes who experience this slipping problem need to work on keeping their head down during the drop phase and on the rising phase as well. Tons of strap bar will give your athletes the repetitions needed to learn this skill, but you have to watch each phase as they are connected like a chain. One drill we use helps the strength and timing of the late drop. Hang on a low bar in a straddle with the soles of the feet pressed against the bar. Swing the athlete back and forth, bringing the feet between the hands, in a pike on the back-swing. The return to a straddle hang. Focus on getting the feet in as late as possible.

good luck
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