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There honestly aren't that many composition deductions to choose from at L9. There is not an up to the level for releases deduction at L9, there is at L10.

The deduction I could have drawn from is the up to .2 MAX choice of elements. Which is broken into .05 for failure to perform both fwd & bwd circles & releases. She did bwd circles and a fwd release. There is an argument here, that it is an and, not an or between circles and releases. But, I don't expect a L9 to do a fwd release and a bwd release AND a fwd circle and a bwd circle. Some will disagree...and that's fine, so there could be a flat .05 deduction.

Additionally that up to .2 is broken down to up to .1 balance between pirouettes & flight...she did one of each, so you can't really take anything here.
up to .1 lack of variety of elements and could definitely take this and you could make an argument on this routine for it...but I wouldn't take more than .05 here because she pirouettes, she does a turning flight skill over the low has a little bit of variety. You are also supposed to look at choosing skills from multiple groups, so your point about 3,6,7 skills is good. So...yes, you could definitely take up to .1 for lack of variety.

Thanks! That's helpful to know.
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