WAG Her season is finally over!!!

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Proud Parent
Jun 7, 2016
Region 4
Lily competed in the HOPES championship this past weekend, officially putting an end to this crazy long season. I’m so proud of her. Training elite for one year, while also competing her first level 10 year, and she went out there and hit 4 for 4 and took home the bronze medal on beam and placed 4th all around earning her spot in the 2018 HOPES National Team. Next up will be her first time at developmental camp in early October. Not sure yet if she will do HOPES again next year or try and go junior elite. Will wait to get advice on that from the NTS after camp.
My DD watched the live feed and was team Lily all the way. One of her gym-mates was there live and in person; Got a picture with your daughter and said she was so sweet and humble. Congrats on a successful season!
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I saw most of her routines - she looked great!!! Congrats to an amazing season!!!
I watched her routines and she looked amazing. I know you must be one very proud mama. Congrats to Lily and you. I'm sure all these crazy big meets are a HUGE time and financial commitment.
Congrats to Lily- she must be so excited for Dev Camp as well- she really proved that she is a consistent contender! Enjoy the ride!
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