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Feb 26, 2007
Wow, we have over 4000 registered members on the Chalkbucket, and that is wonderful. This place is the best and you have all made it the great place it has become.

If you are new to the board I just want to point out a few things that could help you.

If your username is still purple that is because you haven't joined one of our many groups. Joining one, or more, of the groups allows you to post in specific forum reserved for groups. If you go to your USER CP on the left side of the top tool bar you will be able to "join user groups". Your name will change colour and we will be able to identify waht groups you are in.

Use correct grammar when writing, this is an adult board and therefore we do not use MSN speak, we also love punctuation!

Feel free to introduce yourself, bragging is welcomed and often encouraged. Share your experiences and ideas, we are all here to learn.

Do not try to sell your product here, you can of course pay to advertise like lots of people do.

Please keep things clean, no politics either thanks!:eek:

Above all remember that we have over 4000 members, so keep the really personal stuff private and be careful not to give too much away about you and your family. I know for sure that we have mutliple family and gym members on here. Privacy is not a reality in the gym world.:eek:

Lovely to have you all here to join in the fun.:D

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WOW 4000 members!!!!!

Don't forget to tell them about the little green squares and the scale of reputation (wink wink)

And use our manners and click the thank you button.
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