hey every1...new here...sooo excited!

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Aug 4, 2007
hey everyone. i just started competive gymnastics in march and getting ready to compete level 5! a lot of people question how i got soo many skills at a recreation gym. what i answer is a lot of hard work and dedication.

i have very little back flexibilty and would love some hints and tips and stretching ideas!


and remember...

Gymnastics isn't just a sport...It's your life
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Hey! Glad to see you. I coach a girl with a similar problem, although hers is so bad it has prevented her from moving to team. i suggested doing a bridge, but rocking GENTLY back a forth. mini backbends may be hard at first, but should help you out. Intstead of doing a backbend from stand, try it from your knees; with your legs about shoulder with apart. Go back, touch your hands to the ground, and then come back up. Hope this helps! :):)
thanks you guys!! i'll try those! ya i'm glad i learned my back walkover cause if i didn't i wouldn't of moved up. all my coaches say that im a very excellent gymnast except for my back flexibility. im just not one of those bendy people! but thay say i work hard on my flexibility, i just need to work hard on it more. its very frustrating cause some of the very younger gymnasts can do all these cool things with their back and i can't. thanks again for the advice... i luvv it here!
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The thing with flexibility is that there is no secret. There is no magic solution. You have to work on it every day, and be patient.

Some people are naturally more flexible, just like some people are naturally stronger.

Anyway, welcome to the Chalk Bucket!
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