hey everyone!!! im new :]

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hi there :)
im new to this whole forum thing so excuse my mistakes... :/ lol
anywho, i have been a gymnast since i was 11 years old. i was in lv 1 for two weeks and was quickly learning new things so i was quickly moved up to lv 2! i was there for about a month and a half when my coach asked me if i would like to test early so i could compete in lv 3 that season. my quick response was YES! so she tested me on simple things like a back walkover and handstands and such and i passed with flying colors!! lol... so the next week i went to the gym and to my surprise, we were learning back handsprings! since i was a tall eleven year old, i needed a bigger spot than those half my height... but i was only around 70 pounds so im sure it wasnt all that horrible being 5'1" and all... lol :] so that night i went home and pretty much taught myself how to do a BHS! it was awesome but was a mistake later on...
so i went on and competed in lv 3... did pretty well considering i had only been there 8 weeks! i was then tested and moved on to lv 4! woot! just before my 13th b-day and right before the competition season, i was tumbling on my grass... this is where my mistake comes in... i did a r-off bhs and my right wrist SNAPPED! it was so loud and painful, something i will never ever forget! so i went to gym the next week with a neon pink cast and as you can imagine, my coach wasnt too happy! but i healed faster than expected and still competed that season! after that i was moved to lv 5 and competed that year as well. moved to the optional skill level and am there today at 15!
this is my last year of gymnastics though... :( im just losing all my skills and its not fun... but im gonna still do power tumbling, because for some reason im still amazing at that! lol
so there you have it! my gymnastics story! hope you enjoyed! lol :D (i know it was a lot to read!)
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