hey everyone! long time reader, but new poster!

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i can't believe i just got an account here. anyway, my name is Bri. i'm a senior in high school. i've been doing gymnastics since i was 3. i quit in 8th grade as a level 10 because i live in the middle of no where and the gym i competed was like 45 minutes away, if the weather was good, through crazy mountain roads. i did some high school gymnastics but didn't really like it (our coach at the time sucked). i started cheerleading instead, just to do some tumbling. i've been training again with my old gym and our new high school coach though, hoping to compete in college (not like an awesome DI school like UCLA, but still college gymnastics).

let's see, my fav. event is floor. i've loved Alicia Sacramone since i watched her FX at the '03 national championships. i also love Cassy Verice, Carly Patterson, Shawn Johnson, Daiane dos Santos, Jade Barbosa, Mohini Bhardwaj, etc. if you can't tell i'm a big fan of powerful moves and lots of tumbling (not that i don't love the grace of girls like Nastia and the russians). when i'm not at the gym (it feels soooo good to be working out again) or with my friends, i like to shop, and snowboard (i live in CO). one thing that makes me stand out is that i'm profoundly Deaf. i communicate with sign language and Aimee Walker Pond is one of my all time heros.

that's it. i'd LOVE to meet more gymnasts and gym fans, so don't be shy, say hello!

Aug 26, 2008
hey! I'm Avrill and I'm a Level 7 gymnast, in highschool also. I've been doing gym for four years (since I was 12). I love music, reading, and writing. It's nice to meet you! :)


Hey! I'm Kylie and I've been in gymnastics for almost 12 years! I will be competeting for my high school this year (I'm a freshman) but I did/do compete at a local gym and I'm a level 8! I also love shopping and I tink I've tried snowboarding once, but it looks likes tons of fun! Welcome to the chalk bucket (I guess cause your a new poster!) ;)


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hello and welcome to CB. I am glad you have been able to go back to your gym - sounds like you are happy to be back at it.

Good luck w/ your gym, high school and best of luck on college gymnastics.


Hey I'm mike and i'm also a senior in HS. I just started tumbling. Its a blast!!! Welcome to CB.
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