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Hi i am very new to this we live in canada and my daughter trains out of futures gymnastics where she's been since she's been in a diaper she's now 7 and trains 9 hours per week in july she will then train 12 hours right now we do competitions called odp i'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the term it is basically a competition of conditioning i can't wait till next year where they actually have a little beam bar and floor routine it will be alot of fun to watch i'm so jealous of the team 1 year up from my daughter they get to do the fun stuff !!!!lol
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the CB,
My teammates are competing at a meet at that club this weekend (if i have the right club...).
Sadly I won't be competing though because I sprained my ankle. :(
Anyways, welcome to another Canadian.
There are actually lots of Canadians on this site and I'm sure you will love it here just like the rest of us. ;)


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
HI there and welcome to the Chalkbucket. As Robin said we have a growing number of Canadian members here and quite a few from Ontario. I am from Quebec and I have 12 and a 9 year old gymmie.

I do know about the ODP, we have a similar thing in Quebec called Defi. Futures is a very good club with great atheletes, we have seen them compete at the Gymnix.

Hope you stick around and join in the fun.


yeah we are hosting the canuck cup this weekend my daughter has odp on sun morn EARLY and i have to do some volunteer hours sat morn so pretty much the whole weekend but she's excited !!! so it will be worth it
Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
Welcome! I am also from Ontario. The ODP program is FANTASTIC and will really prepare her physically and in terms of technique as she gets ready to do "real" competitions next year.
Good luck to your daughter at her competition this weekend!


Welcome to the CB! I'm also from Ontario my gymmie is 10 and OCP level 5. She did 2 years of ODP but I wish she had the benefit of that program from day 1! It really teaches strong basics! I know what you mean though my DD did showcase routines and then ODP came in and I remember missing the routines. Good luck this weekend!
Hi! Welcome to another Canadian! I am from BC and my daughter is Prov. 3 this year. We are doing physical testing this year, and it really shows who has had the physical grounding that gymnasts need... anyway - Good luck and have fun at your meet on the weekend!
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