Hey,from aus, i'm new!

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Hey all,
I'm totally new to this site, but i'm definately not new to gymnastics! i've been doing gym for 7 years now and i am 13 years old. I'm from Australia,Victoria.I go to Niddrie Gymnastics and I'm in State Level 7. We have an upcoming competition and I'm really nervous... any tips?? because the comp is tomorrow!What do i do when im nervous before a comp to calm myself down... suggestions please! :)
Aug 7, 2009
Hi and welcome to CB! good to see another Aussie on here :)

Just remember that everyone else at the comp is most likely to be nervous too. And being level 7, you've done a few competitions before - you made it through all of those OK didn't you?
Try to get a good sleep (I know that can be tricky) and eat properly.

Good luck!!
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalkbucket and good luck for your meet tomorrow. We have a great crowd of Aussies on the board, and I think we even have other people form your club, how many clubs can be in Niddrie!
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