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I haven't been on here in forever!!! feel free to move this thread if it's irrelevant.

okay, so the deal basically is I'm making a new montage about how nastia liukin inspires other gymnasts not to give up, and I'm trying to get as many "non-famous" gymnasts involved with the montage as possible. I really want the montage to "mean" something and I'm running out of videos because not a lot of people have sent me any.

Here is the video if you guys are interested. any level is accepted, there's basically no requirements!!! :)

YouTube - I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! **Read description**

thanks so much!


Well, my dd doesn't do artistic anymore, so I don't know if you're interested. She WAS inspired by Nastia, back when she was competing tho. You can look @ my You Tube channel & see her vids there. If any interest you, PM me.

Good luck w/ your Montage! :)
Sep 19, 2008
can you download videos off youtube? i know real player comes with an application to do that. if so, can your video editing software work with flv? or can you convert them? then that'd be an option (with people's permission of course).

either way I'd like to donate, do you want us to pm you with a link?


Sorry I can't help, but I just wanted to say I love love love your Nastia/Valeri Butterfly Kisses montage and the Shawn Johnson Who Knew montage.

So amazing!
If you know how to download videos from youtube, feel free to take any of ours. I'd send them to you, but my laptop died and that's where they all lived:(

Good luck, I can't wait to see the montage!
Not open for further replies.