Hey, I'm 21 Male and I just started =D.

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Jun 24, 2008
lol. Yeah, a little older than the usual, I know. But tumbling is so fun =D. I am a beginner and I can do a messy standing backtuck, and a messy BHs (looks kinda like a backtuck with hands, lol). I have a few questions, though.

Where is a good place to learn about twisting in the air? I know this might be too advanced for my level right now in tumbling, but I can do a lot more on the diving board and I want to learn some twists.

Also, how do you use the chat feature? I see all the chat boxes, but I don't know how to chat to everyone else.

Thanks, I look forward to the gymnastics community.
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome onboard!

You could try posting in the skills or coaches forum for help on skills. Though I think any twisting technique should be learned in the gym with a coach. It is very easy to hurt yourself when learning twisting, losing your sense of spatial awareness can lead to major crashes, even in water! :eek:

But before you twist you should try to have solid tumbling, it will make learning twisting easier and safer.


Hey! Welcome to Chalkbucket! I'm a 16 year old boy and I just started gymnastics (starting with a tumbling class) a little over a week ago! I'm still a little messy on my BHS too so don't feel too bad. Its a great sport though and I'm glad I'm doing it now!

So what got you to start gym as a 21 y/o guy? I'm dating a gymnast now and she convinced me it was enough fun to try it and now I'm hooked!

Idk if the rules are the same as they were a few months ago, but when I joined CB I think you had to make at least 5 posts before you could use the chat room. Then you just type in the little box and hit enter. The people who use the chat are mostly the teen gymnasts but sometimes other people will pop in and say hi. You can also send private messages to people or post visitor messages (like writing on someone's wall in Facebook).
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
That's awesome you're starting gymnastics! even if you're 21. and that's awesome you can already do a standing backtuck and you just started!


If you access to a trampoline at the gym, I reccomend learning basic twisting in the air ( non flipping ) as well as twisting when going from a back drop to front drop and vice versa.

I wouldn't bother with back twisting until you have a nice straight layout.

When you can perform a decent front flip on tramp that either tuck opens or pike open to straight while inverted, you can then start training twisting forward.

When I learned back tuck/pike before handspring, besides back whip; it was more about learning to not back handspring really high and take it down to the floor. Over time, it turned out pretty decent besides working a lot of back walkovers/kickovers/limbers.


Beginning tramp twisting and dive twisting use the same principles of learning to twist after the open, even if they wrap their arms differently.
Jun 24, 2008
Yeah I realize that, but where can I learn about different twisting methods and when to twist?

And what do you all do when you want to learn how to perfect a skill but you don't have access to your gym or a trampoline? Do you just practice on the grass? My gym is closed all of next week and by that time, I will have to relearn what I already know =(.
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