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Miss Melissa

Hey! I'm Melissa!
I've been in gymnastics for 10 years but then I had to stop because I got hurt pretty badly..... :[[
Anyways Talk to me if you want to! :]]
What level did you make it to before you were injured? 10 years is a long time. I've been doing gym for almost 7 years. I broke my wrist a year and a half ago and that was hard coming back from but I was lucky.
I was in level 6....
Wow! It must have been really hard to get back in to it after a year and a half!
I was really lucky I guess...and a bit crazy. :) Luckily it was a pretty clean break and there wasn't a lot of complications. I just worked out like crazy on the exercise bike and kept working on my balance and conditioning and so forth.

I think it's really hard to just get gymnastics out of your system after so long. Have you ever thought about maybe coaching or doing something like that? I'd love to coach when I'm a bit older.
Welcome on here Melissa! :)
I`m sorry to hear an injury prevented you from being a gymnast for a longer time. :( But I hope you healed up and are fine now. Are you still involved in the sport somehow like coaching or something?
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