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Hey i just joined :) i started gymnastics at 10, doing four piece, met Olga Korbut at 11 with my squad. I started doing teamgym at 15, but had to stop at 17 due to anorexia :(
I am determined to get back to training at some point this year as long as all goes well.
I am also an assistant artistic coach and hope to do more coaching qualifications.
So anyway, hey to everyone! :D
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Welcome Pixie!! I hope you get back into it! It's so much fun. I am trying to find a gym close to where I live that offers adult classes so that I can get back into it as well.


Hey welcome to CB. Good luck with getting started with gym again! I'm going to be starting for the first time really soon!
Mar 14, 2007
Hello there! :)
WOW, I agree - it`s awesome you got to meet Olga! :) It must have been a great moment for you and your teammates! :)
I also hope everything will you fine and you will be able to start back in gymnastics! :)
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