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Hey guys!! My name's Chad and just thought I would introduce myself! I've been a casual fan of watching olympic gymnastics on TV for awhile now, but recently I've started following it more and more. Hopefully some of you guys can help me become a better fan as I'm about as knowledgeable about gymnastics as I am quantum mechanics!! haha


So string theory works like this...JK(even though I did start to get a real grasp on it during last year's phys. 1 class. Hopefully we'll elaborate in AP Phys.)

Hi and welcome to the boards! BTW My uncle is the only person I know named Chad. Don't worry, though, he's a super cool guy and young too as he married my dad's sister who is 15 years my dad's junior. Anyway I think we'll be able to help you out with the whole gymnastics thing.
Not open for further replies.