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So, I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself :p

I'm Stefani and I'm 17 and I love gymnastics, but unfortunately I'm not very good. I gave up any dreams of gold after spending 3 years in the Advanced Beginner class at the local YMCA, but oh well. I'm on my school team (I wish I had joined sooner!) and now I'm just trying to learn to tumble :)


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to CB! Don't give up your dreams...just keep going after them! Glad you joined your school team:)! That must be fun for you. There are other areas of gymnastics you might want to check out also(ie:group gymnastics or Tramp & Tumbling, to name a couple). Gymnastics is a great way to stay fit & having fun while your at it. So keep on tumbling:floor:. Remember...most of the people you know can't do the moves you can:D!


Proud Parent
Dec 9, 2008
Welcome to CB! Gymnastics is an amazing way to keep in shape and have fun, no matter what level. I'm 25 and never made it further than rec classes...while my sister was very talented (moved from level 5 to 8 within a year and a half), I never had any natural talent in the sport. But I loved doing it, and kept with it. Now I'm the recreational class director at my local gym and love that I can share this great sport with so many kids...most of whom will never be competitive gymnasts.

Keep working hard at that tumbling! Try looking for tumbling classes in the area, and check the boards for tips and tricks...there's so much great information here!
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