Hey :)

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Hey Everyone I just joined so im gonna say alittle about myself :)

I have been doing gymnastics since i was little and i have two little sisters who also do gymnastics. We are all 3 on a competetive team. I love having my sisters do gym with me.

I am in Prep Op Gold or Prep Op 3 as some people call it which is basically inbetween level 5 and 6. My sister and in Prep Op Silver or Prep Op 2 and the other is in Level 3. I also do cheerleading for my school which I think helps with gymnastics alittle bit because I recently got my round off backhandspring backtuck at cheer practice. I am also working on my fronthandspring front tuck.

Last year I made it to regionals and took home 1st place in vaut and 3rd all around which I think is a pretty good achievement :) ha
Thanks for listening :)
Hello & welcome to Chalkbucket!!! Nice to hear that your whole family enjoys the sport. Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
Im new as well! :)

Im Karalee, and I am a very passionate and spontaneous person. I am also a very active person which is why I joined gymnastics originally. I am currently in 7 grade attending Northwood Middle School in Seattle Washington. I would love to get to know some people in this community.

Your friend,
Karalee Johns

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