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So the seasoned members of the chalkbucket probably noticed I haven't been around. That's b/c I did track+gym+ap test+violin+finals. I was a little swamped. Cool stuff though, I'm a polevaulter!!!!!! I went out for track as a jumper(long/triple). I ran the 4 by 2 for awhile, but my pv coach made me stop all th eother events. The coach, the second week of track, came up to me and told me I was vaulting. end of story. I didn't want to do it, but fell in love with it. He says he wishes I would have done track as a freshman. I have the best personal record on the girls team. He's made it his personal goal to get me to state and break the school record. I even go to summer practice! I never would have thought I'd end up liking it. He says that gymnsatics helps a lot. And pv helped my vault(they used to be REALLY bad). At the last meet of the year, I told him that at first, I hated him and pole vault. H ejust laughed, and even mentioned it at the banquet. Then another coach need me as a substitute in the 4 by 1 and before I left, he said, "you don't hate me any more though, right?" I told him no. So that's what's new. And I went to ymca nationals and competed alright.


you go gurl!!!

Welcome Back..
My DD does High School track. She is a shot put and disc girl.
Not open for further replies.