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i'm tiff, i'm 16 and i live in adelaide, australia. iv'e been doing gymnastics on and off since i was 5. iv'e only just gotten back into it after a 2 year break so i'm still trying to get all my skills back. i'll be competing level 7 next year. i'm starting to get all my skills back so i'm happy with that :D. i do gymnastics at aerial gymnastics club which is great. all really friendly girls there. i have trained at southern stars, koorana and funky moves before i quit. my favourite skill at the moment would probably have to be front layout full twist (i'm a good front twister if i may say so myself :D).

ok some other random stuff about myself: i really LOVE music and my favourite band of all time is madina lake <3. i have brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. i like horse riding sometimes when i get bored and have nothing else to do. i love surfing the internet it's my addiction. i'm always on myspace even though nothing ever changes haha.

and that's about all about me :) if you want to know more though just ask :D
Mar 14, 2007
Hey Tiff and welcome to Chalkbucket! :) That`s great to hear you are back in gymnastics. I hope you`ll have a successful comeback!! :)

Hehe I am just as addicted to the internet as you are. Just that I do have my hands full with my own website and forum and moderating the IG board......;)
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Welcome to CB. I'm sure you'll love it here. That's awesome you're getting back into the gym again. I'm sure you'll have your skills back in no time. My friend came back to gym last year after having quit for 5 years, and she got most of her skills back pretty quickly.

...front fulls are pretty fun ;)
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