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Apr 30, 2009
Hey! I'm Savanna... I like to be called either Savanna Grace or Vanna... your choice! I live in Alabama and I'm training level 8! :) I've been in gym for 5 years now... almost 6! I have to say... floor is my favorite event, followed by vault/bars/beam. (in no order) I'm a freshman and I'm 15 years old. It's my dream to go to college gymnastics and become a gymnastics coach and physical therapist/sports medicine doctor or a pharmacist. The only way I've moved up this far is through God. I know He's the only way. Without Him I wouldn't even be able to do gymnastics, and He's blessed every gymnast on this site with a talent that is real special!!
my name is Morgan and welcome to the chalk bucket!
i am a level 6 training level 7 and i am 14 yrs old.
you will LOVE this site...i got one in february and i am somewhat addicted!
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