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Proud Parent
Apr 17, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Hi. My 6-yr old daughter is just getting started in gymnastics. She loves the sport, and is always making up routines at home. She has a lot of determination and flexibility, but lacks in strength.

Unlike some of the other gym moms at my daugther's gym, I am a realist! I have no dreams of seeing my daughter in the Olympics or even collegiate gymnastics. I just don't see her making it to that level. However, Dh and I will always support our DD and our other two children (DS age 9, and DS age 4) in whatever they chose to do. As long as DD is having fun and enjoying gym that's enough for us!

This is a great forum and I hope to gain more of an understanding of the sport as my DD gets older.
I imagine over time her strength will improve. You never know, maybe she'll surprise you! :) Welcome to the chalk bucket!
Hey Shellchelle!

Welcome to the CB:p I am mom to 3 - 14, 12 (boys) that do T&T & my almost 6 yr old gymnast. This is a great forum:D - nic
Hello shellchelle!

Welcome to the world of gymnastics. Don't sell your dd short, she is only 6. In a couple of yrs if she keeps with the sport, she might be striving to compete at higher levels and might want to continue through college.

BUT, while she is young enjoy her and all the new skills she will be learning and showing you non-stop!

By the way I have a dd that will be 11 in Sept and she is a Level 7.

You are just beginning the journey and I would consider myself in the middle of journey ;).
welcome!! Isnt the sport a lot of fun and even more when your own child is in it!!
I have 2 girls in gymnastics they are 5 and 7!! my 5 yr old has a ton of determinattion!! my 7 yr old is gettin there!!!
Glad she is having soo much fun thats what this is all about!!
Welcome, you will love this place. I enjoy it here. I don't have unrealistic dreams either and I don't think I would want her to. I think if life just exists of school and gymnastics, not sure if that is good. Unless your dd (or ds) is really talented and loves it big time of course. We don't have long training hours in our club, only 3 a week. I know in the USA it is all a lot bigger, even when you don't make nationals or olympics and you need more hours, but we just don't have that option. My dd would love to train more, even if it were just a few hours, but it isn't an option.
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