For Parents hi all:) How has everyone been?? Emily and Madi are doing great in cheer

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily's tumbling fears are dwindling and and her connections are strong again. She is faster and flips higher and with people tumbling all around her at the same time. Color me shocked:)
Maybe it is tumbling with shoes... I don't know.
Anyway, she is loving cheer
Madi is doing great too and loving cheer as well
Emily's team came in first in there age division at their first competition and Madi's in 5th.
For me... this is a whole new world of head shakes and sassiness and thinking to gymnastics judges... You would get a big deduction for all this sass, lol... However, I am sure I will learn this sport in time:)
I miss gymnastics meets though and still planning on becoming a judge one of these days.
Hey Mel,

Lovely to hear from you, I often think of you. How is swimming son doing???

Baby Bog is a cheer girl too, she is on a L3 All Star team, and a L1 High School team (she is the only tumbler) Not sure that I love it, but she does. The whole butt shaking, drop them on their heads thing bugs me. I hear you on the gymnastics love.

GLad the girls are happy and healthy, nice to hear Em has conquered her fears.
I'm so glad that you made an update for us :). I was just thinking of your girls the other week and wondering how things were going. So glad to hear that they are loving cheer and doing fabulous. That is great news!
swimming is going fantastic. He aged up after last divisionals to 13-14 which meant time standard drops and many new things he has to requalify for again and he is moving right along. He is really just starting to hit puberty so he is still smaller than some of the other swimmers in the age group. We have 2 d1 times under our belt now and many more ranging from less than a second away to a few secs away.
Aging up also meant all 50s were gone except the 50 free. So now we have new challenges such as the 400 IM and stuff like that. That is one brutal race.
But he is less than 2 secs from the d1 time after his second meet racing it.:)
WE have thrown in the 200 fly a few times now too. That also is brutal but it is helping his 100 fly time by building stamina.
Way to go baby bog:)
Emily is Level 3 Sr. cheer group. She is going to compete nationally in Indy and Myrtle Beach:)
Madi is level 2 jr cheer and doing just regional competitions omaha, sd, kansas city and iowa
thank you everyone:) I am happy to report in Emily's last cheer competition... she did all her tumbling which includes toe touch toe touch back handspring, back handspring 1/2 turn cartwheel back tuck without any pausing.
front handspring step out round off back tuck and
another round off back tuck pass in the beginning of the routine:)
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