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My name is Chip. My 7yo DD Stephanie is a new gymnast. I was cruising the web looking for Gymnastics stuff and found this site. Pretty nice one so far.

We are in South Florida.

Stephanie is a pretty new, level 3 gymnast. In fact we had our very first competitive meet last weekend.

I have to say I was shocked by my daughter's composure and delighted by her performance.
For her first meet, she placed 2nd on bars, 3rd on vault, 4th on floor and 8th on beam (she fell off :eek: but jumped immediately back on and finished) She finished 3rd in the AA.

Of course, we'd have been happy for her regardless where she finished. She had great fun (the most important thing).

Look forward to mostly lurking and sometimes joining in the conversations!
Welcome :) Sounds like your dd had a really great experience for her first meet. That is great that she didn't let the fall on beam get to her and she got right back up there.
Welcome to CB.

I also have a L3 gymnast. Her first meet of the season is on the weekend of the 27th don't know which day she will go yet.

She did about 5 L3 meets last year and did ok. She has been working on her form and gotten all of her L4 skills so she will complete L3 this fall and move up in January. We are looking forward to meet season.

please join in the fun
Hello and welcomed,

We are in South Florida too. and my dd competed this past weekend Level 3 in Tampa Aloha Invite too. It was also her first meet of the season. And she came in 4th AA. She competed USAG in the 5 and 6 years age group.

Congrats to your dd doing so well. You must be so proud. I think you will find this message board full of good information and people.

come join the fun!!
Hi Starmaker...

I saw your pics and video...
I realized that you were also at the Aloha in Tampa.
I didn't recognize any of the teams in your video and I figured you must have been in the USAG group...
Our girls are competing level 3 in AAU. We are planning on moving to USAG for level 4 as well. Hopefully by the end of the season.

Sounds like your girl did very well also.
Hey Chip---welcome aboard. Glad your dd had a wonderful 1st meet and she had FUN. Having fun is really what its all about.

I'm in CO and have a 12 yo hoping to compete as a L8 come Jan.

Look forward to more of your posts! Its really good to have some gym dads on this board.
Hii Chip!

Welcome to the Chalk Bucket!

I found the site when my 13 year old DD was having a mental block with a skill.. It has been SO valuable! I wish I had it when DD was a L3 - She is a L7/L8 right now.

Good Luck with those L4 skills!


I also have a 7 year old L3 gymnast, she just moved up this weekend. We don't compete "big" meets till L4 with our gym, but it sounds like your dd did great. (my dd fell off beam at her in-house meet this weekend, too;)).

Anyway, you'll love it here!!! Welcome again!

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