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I will do my best to not write a novel...as I am notorious for doing.

I'm new to the site and this is my official introduction.

I'm 36 yrs. young :) - and a former gymnast, coach, and an aspiring Adult gymnast. I watched Mary Lou Retton score her 10.00...old, huh? I was already competing at that time and seeing her compete made me want it all even more! By age 15, my gymnastics life was over. The gym that I trained at shut it's doors and the nearest one wasn't all that near - especially when you have parents that commute many miles to & from work each day.

I never stopped loving gymnastics. At age 35 I stumbled upon an employment listing for a gymnastics coach. BOOM! Wee....going back into a gym (20 years later) was absolute heaven.

Once I began I was consumed with seeing how many skills I could still do and how well. After coaching for about a month, I started teaching the adult class and was hooked all over again.

Officially, it took almost 1 year to the day to re-learn (and to conquer my FEAR) my Round-off, flip flop, back - on the floor!

So....I guess that sums it all up!
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the chalkbucket, you'll fit right in here. We have lots of adults gymnasts, coaches and gym fans.

Congrats on that tumbling line.


welcome! i've been a gymnast since i was 2 and even after college i haven't give it up. i still hate that i can't train 4 hours every day. sad huh? it kept me in great shape and it was fun as could be. i coach now, judge, have a book out, and stay in the sport as much as possible. i'm hoping to join an adult group some day but there isn't anything around here and it doesn't work with my full time schedule. i would love to compete again though!


Welcome! I'm 26 and started gymnastics 4 years ago. I wasn't able to do gymnastics much when I was younger, due to lack of $$. I started with taking an adult class, too! Then I began competing in my gym's prep op program. I'm still trying to get my RO BHS on floor, because I've had 3 major injuries since starting that have set me back. That's awesome that you've been able to get your old skills! Hope you enjoy posting on here.
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