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Hi..my name is Donna. I'm an ex-gymnast and owner of the yahoo group 'worldwidefansofnadiacomaneci'. I got interested in gymnastics after watching Nadia Comaneci perform her perfect routines in the Montreal Olympics 1976. She's my idol, the most perfect gymnast in the history of the sport.
I competed in high school on the school gymnastics team for 3 yrs. and continued working out in gymnastics until my retirement at age 25. I can braggingly still do cartwheels and handstands but no longer have the courage to do back handsprings and the like. All these years I've kept my interest in this great sport.
My favorite #1 event is bars, and #2 is beam. My least fave is vaulting. Besides Nadia, I've always enjoyed the old school soviet gymnasts like Tourescheva, Shaposhnikova, and Grozdova.
Lastly, I hate the new COPs like crazy and I cannot stand Bruno Grandi as he has it out to make a ruination of our sport either out of maliciousness or ignorance. We need to bring back elegance, creativity, and the perfect 10 back to gymnastics.

thanks to all the moderators here for making this a great place to be,,,your hard work is very much appreciated. Have a happy handstand everybody!!!
Not open for further replies.