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I'm excited to be a part of this online community! I'm a recent college grad and now a high school teacher and will be coaching the team at my high school (Go Lions!) I also work at a summer camp where I am in charge of their gymnastics program. So throughout the summer I work with kids who are 3-14 and in the fall and winter girls who are 14-18! Wide spectrum! I'm really glad I found this because I'm nervous to start and this will be a great place for me to get ideas and help I need. Excited to get to know people who share a common love for the most beautiful sport (and how much do you hate when people say it's not a sport??) of gymnastics :)
Hello and welcome! I am envious. I'd love to be able to coach gymnastics and teach high school. What a great life! :D
Hi and welcome to chalkbucket! Looks like you coach just about every age gymnast there is! I think working with little kids would be fun and working with HS girls who are dedicated would be fun, but its those late elementary school to middle school age kids that would get to me the most!

I can't stand when people say gym isn't a sport (this doesn't happen very much tho) or that its a girly sport or that its a gay sport (I'm a guy...). My usual response is "lets see you try it and I bet you wouldn't last one minute". Or i'll tell them to challenge a girl gymnast whos much smaller then them and younger then them to a conditioning contest and see who wins. That gets them to shut up quick!
LOL..... that's totally true! My DD did a sit up contest with a 12 year old boy (she is six). By the time he did 100 sit ups (and quit), she was up to 200 and still going strong. She finally stopped at 400 sit ups in a little over 15 minutes. The moral of the story.... never, EVER challenge a gymnast, no matter how small, to a physical fitness contest. You WILL lose. :D
Welcome to CB, great community and very helpful and positive. I coached HS gymnastics and loved it because athletes at that age "chose" to be there rather than being dragged there by the parents.

Not open for further replies.