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Oct 10, 2008
Hi, I'm new from Atlanta. My daughter is in a developmental program at a gym and is about to turn 5. It's the lowest of 3 pre-team levels. Her little brother may participate later but currently only wants coaching if it's completely on his terms. DD also takes a rec class a closer, cheaper gym for strength and fun, and yet another kind of class altogether at a third gym (if I discussed that I'd be almost identifiable). So add a dance class or two and she is usually in a leotard. The three-gyms thing is a new one for this year, and I hope it will consolidate in the next year or two :)

I have enjoyed reading the forums the last day or two and thank you for allowing me to add.

I'd love to be identifiable but I fell like one day ... hopefully years from now ... I may need to mouth off.:fryingpan:
Jul 12, 2007
Welcome to the CB! :wave:

... no worries, we have all had our :fryingpan: moments D)
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Hello and welcome to CB! I think you will find this place full of useful information and helpful people.
Not open for further replies.