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Thank you all for allowing me to be part of your community. My name is Hazel Daska Ibañez. I´ve been a rhythmic gymnast for twelve years in Bolivia and now I´m retired. I really miss the hard training and the competitions. I represented Bolivia in two international events and participated in 8 nationals in which I won 2 and the rest I was second and third. Unfortunately in Bolivia, gymnastics is not a developed sport nor it is really known. It is the lack of support that makes it so weak and that is why the results in international events are not so good. Being a coach here is not pretty easy because gymnastics doesn´t give enough for living and unfortunately soccer is the most popular sport, and they have all the facilities and support from the people.
Now I´m a flight dispatcher and I still love gymnastics. I practice rhythmic gymnastics for 1 hour before going to work. It taught me how to be strong and it has been part of my life. I grew up doing gymnastics and I really miss it. I thank and appreciate my father for his support throughout my difficult moments and frustrations. He used to coach me everytime my coach didn´t appear. He used to take me to the stadium so I could do my tosses with my elements (rope,hoop,ball,clubs,ribbon) everytime when the gym was not available. We had to move from one place to another with the rest of girls (we were only three ) when the gym was used by other athletes.
I consider Gymnastics the queen of all the sports and I really respect it, because it is very demanding and majestic. Gymnastics will be in my mind and heart forever.

Thank you
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hello Hazel!! Welcome to the Chalk Bucket!! I love and admire rhythmic gymnasts--I think it is so beautiful to watch!! I love the flexibility, strength and creativity that you gals have--so amazing!!! I was thinking about having my daughter (dd as it is often referred to on here) do rhythmic gymnastics because of her natural (almost freakish flexibility) but it is hard to find gyms in the US where they teach it. Artistic gymnastics is so much more common.

Again, welcome to the CB, and you will surely find this place to be a wealth of information and good times!
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