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Hi, all!

I'm a native Indiana Hoosier who has moved to the deep South where it's a little warmer in the winters! I started coaching the summer before college and liked it so much I changed my major from Engineering to Sport Science (I obviously didn't care about making money! LOL!) I have one son and three daughters -- all teens! My oldest daughter competed up to Level 8, but quit her senior year in favor of her "social life."

Most recently, I have taken a head coaching position at a small gym (120 rec, 15 team) -- quite a change from my previous gym with 500 rec and 80 team kids!

Anyway, I hope I can contribute here as well as ask a few questions.
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. We have lots of great coaches and parents here, I am sure you'll have lots to share with us!
Welcome! I am as well from Indiana and live in the south now :( GO COLTS!

I have a 5 year old who has just started gymnastics! I know nothing about the sport so you will see me ask lots of questions while i am trying to help dd get started !
Welcome to CB. Great group of people here. My DD is currently competing L3, she is 8. I have also just started coaching some preschool classes and one rec class as well. I am enjoying myself.

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