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Hi. I'm Linda from Iowa. I have a 5 yo in gymnastics. She's been doing this since she was 3 1/2 and she's in what our gym calls TAG (Talented and Gifted). She goes two nights a week and she loves it. She loves to sit and watch the older girls' classes.

When she's not doing gymnastics in the gym, she's doing it (or trying to) in the kitchen, in the living room, in the restaurants, etc.

I'm hoping to learn from all of you.


Hey...I'm in Iowa too! I'm a L4/5 gymnast at a gym that has a TAG program. That's totally cool. We could know each other.

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here - it's a great support system, and I really like it.


Welcome to The Chalk Bucket!

I have never heard of a "TAG" Program, but it sounds like a good idea. I hope your gymnast sticks with the sport!


Hello and welcome to CB! I too have a 5 yo gymmie acutally she will be 6 years old in a couple of weeks. She will compete level 4 in the fall. I also have a 4 yo almost 5yo gymmie too. It's very exciting watching your little one learn new "tricks". They spend the whole day doing gymnastics every where they go. TAG sounds like a neat little program. I wish they would have had one for my girls.

Join the parent forum and keep posting. I look forward to reading on you and your dd journey or rollercoaster ride like I call it!!:)
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