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I have 2 crazy daughters, 7 & 3. My 7yr is training Level 6/7. My 3 yr takes gymnastics twice a week for fun. I feel like my life revolves around my daughters gym schedule between meets and TOPs Testing. When do I get a break??
Hope to hear from some of you, I have probably met a few on youtube. Thanks :)
Hi!! So glad to see you on here. My daughter LOVES to watch your DD on YouTube. She is amazingly talented. :) I feel like we have another celebrity on here. LOL.

We have something in common. My DD is 7 and my other one is 3!!! My 7 year old is repeating level 4 at a new gym and I am trying hard to keep the 3 year old out of the gym as long as possible.

How did your DD do at TOPs testing?
Hi and welcome to CB. It sounds like your DD is very talented. I am not sure if I have seen her on Youtube.

My DD is 9 and competing L4 this season
Welcome. We love your dd on youtube. Her presentation is awsome and her coach is fabulous. CB is great!
We received her TOPs Results and she made Diamond Team her overall score was a 84! So very proud of all her hard work and dedication - she's only 7??? Gymnastics is so much more than just bars, beam, vault , and floor. She will turn 8 in December. Thank you all for your kind words on here and youtube.
Wow!! That is an amazing score. Great job to her. She really is a talented young gymmie. You can tell she just loves it.
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