hi from the netherlands

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Hi everyone.
I like to introduce myself. I am new to this forum , i just found it because i was hunting for idea's to make leotards ( yes, one of my hobby's ) And then i found myself reading and reading, so i descided why not join...

a bit about myself, i am ;
* a mother of a son and a daughter who are both like gymnastics but on a recreational level
* a gymnasic teacher for kids in the age from 6 to 22 in a lot of different levels
* the owner of a little leotard shop

I enjoy gymnastics and i love to sew...if you want to know more about me..just call !~!:D


Welcome! I'm a teen gymnast/coach. I also pole vault and play the violin.
Feb 29, 2008
Welcome to the chalk bucket. Do you have a website where we can see your leotrds you make? I would love too see them.
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