Hi! I’m new here and I have a real big issue on my hands...

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Feb 9, 2019
I used to be able to do a roundoff backhandspring, even with two back handsprings! I competeted and was very proud of myself.. As I continued gymnastics I noticed I became weak in my roundoff backhandsprings, slowly then I lost the skill. I had to regain back my strong roundoffs and the fear of going back on a backhandspring. I have nearly regained everything of it, but thing is I’m scared to do my back handspring after my roundoff! I feel stunned and humiliated to lose it, I don’t know how to lose that fear and try it! I am able to do a roundoff and fly back onto a large mat but on the floor I am extremely scared! I really need the help to not get scared of spots as well... How can I come over this fear?
ASK your coach for tips, visualizer yourself doing iT, limit the Numbers of you doing iT when you are scared
A video would help. It sounds like mistakes were creeping into your round off flic, it’s not usual for a skills to get worse and worse unless and poor habit is creeping in and then being reinforced.
Not open for further replies.