hi!! im new!

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hi, I have 15 years and I´m in level 9, I can do many thing but i´m very scare and i cannot succed. I want to be a excelent gymnast but I don´t now want happened to me that I stagnated...


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Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket!!! Thanks for joining in!!! Being a L9 gymnast is a GREAT accomplishment!!! I'm sure you have a lot of good insight to share with us. You'll find lots of support around here too!!! Why do you feel you are stagnant??? We'll all cheer you on...but 1st you have to believe in yourself. Tell us a little more about what's wrong & we'll help you through this rough patch. You MUST be talented & driven to be L9!!! Try to focus on the positives & how far you've come:).
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